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Who am I?

As a student I enjoy rigorous curriculums and a variety of extracurricular activities. 

Over the past nine years I have devoted my time into exploring a diverse range of courses, including English, Mandarin, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and History. Recently I have taken on the challenge of Italian, Geography and Economics.

From these courses I have gained many knowledge and new insights. However, the greatest benefit has been boosting my ability to analyze, to examine and to summarize.

Consequently, I have developed a unique set of learning methods, such as using mind maps, infographic and summative notes. 

Learning in general appeals to me because it opens new gates, widen up my perspective and the arduous process of studying fulfills my ambition, my enthusiasm, and most importantly, my curiosity to explore the unknown.

A Short Timeline

This is a concise introduction of my past. Take a look!

YK Pao School

Fall 2008 - Spring 2016

My primary school and junior middle school life belonged at YK Pao School, a bilingual school situated in Shanghai, China. Being the longest period of my life, it has certainly taught me lessons that I will never forget.

During the summer holidays, I went to HengYang, a rural area in central China with a few other enthusiasts from Shanghai. During the 4-week period, we taught the local children all subjects, from Languages to Sciences and taught them numerous sports, such as volleyball and table tennis. Our arrival has made a difference in these children's lives and allowed them to see more than before.

Volunteer Teaching

Summer 2016

British School of Milan

Fall 2016 - Present

Further seeking to develop challenging academics, I have relocated to The Sir James Henderson, British School of Milan where I undertook 3 new courses and enjoy whatever life has to offer. This marks an exhilarating phase for my life and adventure awaits ahead!

News and Updates

News and Updates


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