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Q: What for?

A: Propelled by a deep-rooted belief in social justice, Jacob is committed to the idea of education equitability. While we still have a long way to go, hopefully the “Fish in Small Pond” (FSP) Scholarship Opportunity will abridge some barriers students face when chasing ambitious intellectual goals. No matter if you are a big fish or a small fish, you are encouraged to apply if you believe that you will benefit from extended opportunities beyond your immediately accessible educational resources.

Q: Do I qualify?

A: While the program is mainly intended for students with genuine dearth of educational resources, all are welcome to apply. Demonstrated need is assessed by looking at the difference between the resources that are available to you and the intellectual potential for your intended scholarship. In other words, you can increase your chance of admission either by demonstrating impediments in your education, or by revealing your eager intellectual aspirations.

Q: What would I get if I get in?

A: This is a deeply personal and case-by-case question. Typically, you will be offered resources necessary and appropriate to guide your academic journey. If this means having access to everything that is being offered, you will be offered just that. Usually, this program provides need-specific resources, such as Online College Essay Workshops for Juniors, Online Personal Development Courses for aspiring students in underserved school communities, and Advanced Textbooks for independent scholars.

Q: Is there any limit to how I use the resources?

A: As long as you are using the resources responsibly and productively, there are few limits to what you can and cannot do. Here are general guidelines:

  1. Personal use only

  2. Disclose Conflicts of Interest

  3. Make the most out of these resources

Q: What if I don’t get in?

A: As we are limited by the annual number of open spots for this program, applying early is a good idea. It is possible that overqualified candidates get turned down due to space restraints. If this sounds like you, please consider merit-based programs offering similar benefits:

Q: How do I apply?

A: In as little or as many words as you see fit, respond to the following prompt:

How will I personally benefit from this scholarship opportunity, and how will I seek to use knowledge to make an impact on my local community?


If you would like to apply for the FSP, you may

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