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Hello, goodbye.

It's the difficult time of year where everything seems to be happening so fast: exams, sports, and above all, farewells.

Life is a journey that begins whether you like it or not and ends before you know it. Along the way, the excitement, the challenges, and the ups and downs is what shape us. Thank you for being there for me over the two years in Italy, whether if we're friends who stay up all night discussing the Italian economy, or if we're on the volleyball team that beat ASM; if our teacher-student relationship extend well beyond classroom instruction, or if you are the perpetrator who stole my wallet with my passport.

You have all made me a more mature, witty, and resilient boy soon to become a man.

Here's hello, to California, to a new community, and to an action-packed adventure.

Here's goodbye, to all my friends, to Risotto Milanese, and to this unique culture.

If you would like to receive a postcard but have not received one yet, please email


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