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Rome wasn't built in a day


We achieve excellence, step by step.

It All Began Here: YKPS Primary School.

SEP 2008

Read to Feed Generous Donor.

APR 2012

First Version of Personal Website Launched

DEC 2013

Another One: Composed my First Song

MAR 2015

Going Official:

MAR 2016

A New Adventure: High School in Italy

SEP 2016

UChicago and Cornell U. Summer Programs

JUL 2017

Latest Version of Personal Website Launched

MAR 2018

Yale YGS Politics, Law, & Econ Project

 JUN 2018

Born Different.

DEC 2001

Charity Flea Market Top Sales Award

MAR 2011

Moving on: Middle School

SEP 2013

What an Achievement: First Novel Complete

DEC 2014

Personal Website Version 2 Online

FEB 2016

Percussionist @ Rock&Love Charity Event

MAY 2016

Establishment of JW File Storage Website

OCT 2016

Cornell University SC Ambassador

JAN 2018

IGCSE Revision Website Launched

APR 2018

Starting High School in the US as a Junior

SEP 2018

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