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Volunteer Teaching

Service -- it's more than just helping others -- it's also about inspiring young minds who will become future leaders. This is what 16 other volunteers and I have done in Hengyang, 800 miles away.


Our offerings included Languages, Math, Science, (optional) Economics, (optional) Psychology, Cultural Studies, Athletics, and more.

Academically, the approach we use integrates study skills -- such as mind-mapping -- in condensed courses, as to help the students in the long run.

This is a typical extracurricular classroom: students are immersed in artistic exploration. Students choose from choir, basketball, volleyball, computer science, and percussion.


This is the result of our one-week "Librarian" unit with an interdisciplinary focus to introduce the theory or knowledge in a simple and understandable way. First sorting out the books by subject and then digitally scanning them, we renovated the school library with knowledge and innovation.


I have chaperoned a field trip to the Shanghai Annual Book Fair, as a followup to their Library Unit.


And finally, a feast! This is a recognition for everyone who worked alongside our team to support the summer program; a thank-you to all the volunteers who contributed in their own unique way; and most importantly, a celebration of the students' progress!

Written by Jacob Wu, Principal's Assistant and Main Coordinator of the 2016 and 2017 Dream For a Better Future (DFBF) Volunteer Service Crew.

Translated 08.26 by Jacob Wu.


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