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Amity? WTH?


Q: Ami-what?

A: Jacob values thoughtful intellectual dialogue and contemplative conceptual interchange. Amity Programs (AP) describe a combination of three initiatives to promote scholarly exchange.

Q: Why are you offering these benefits?

A: Bona fide academic discussions appeals profoundly to Jacob. Yet, limited on intellectual pursuits are unfortunately and usually caused by limited access to resources, meager time they can devote, and their unfamiliarity with time-saving practices. Every benefit offered at part of the Amity Programs seeks to address one or more of these issues. For example, access to online library resources offers access and opportunity for independent scholarship, PPT templates and study resources help people accomplish time-consuming and tedious tasks so they can devote more time to scholarly work, and online courses expands opportunity for erudition.


Bosom Friends

  • Top-notch intellectuals

  • Only three invitees

  • Unlimited access to any resources offered

  • Expectation of frequent, thoughtful intellectual exchange

Intellectual Correspondent

  • Extraordinary thinkers

  • Only ten invitees

  • Access to any one resource offered, additional access possible through communication

  • No strict commitment, more flexible dialogues

Devil's Advocate

  • Valued scholars

  • No limit in terms of numbers

  • Typically access to only one resource

  • No restrictions on frequency of intellectual dialogue

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