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Individual Help

Didn't get something? Book a session from below.


If there is anything in the document that is vague, unclear, or erroneous, it's my fault, not yours! Therefore, you would get that session for free.


Since this is a community outreach website, you don't have pay cash! Each hour-long session costs either $100 USD (US Dollars) or ᠅1 DSR (Dedicated Service Hours). You are encouraged to select the latter.


"Dedicated Service Hours" are an innovative alternative to sharing learning resources. This simply means that you are required to put in 1-hour worth of highly productive time in exchange for one of these sessions. Since the 1-hour sessions must be "dedicated", it is measured by the workload that a productive student can accomplish in an hour. Therefore, you may expect to spend more than one hour to complete these tasks. Each "Dedicated Service Hours" task is different. It can be something from organizing past paper questions into a single word file, to proofreading a set of revision notes, or even marking other people's past paper questions. Whatever the task, it will be of an academic nature.

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