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German View - An Outlier


In general, Germans are very open to aiding the poor. Special circumstances in Germany sparked this irregularity.

In Germany, a couple without occupation and two children would receive subsidy equivalent to 2000 euros from the government, enough for a living. It seems as if the German government is especially lenient towards aiding the poor. Statistics show that one-fifth of the government income from taxation goes to helping the poor. Here's why.

To avoid the low efficiency of bureaucracy, German government pays private organizations to help the poor. This seemingly reasonable policy has resulted in unexpected consequences.

As a result, the expanding industry in Germany of helping the poor eventually became one of the dominant industry in Germany. More than 20 million people are employed to work in industries that help the poor, and even more are dependent on this industry, such as their relatives and offspring. Now, over 35% of the senators in Germany are themselves high-ranking officials in companies offering aid to the poor. In order to maximize their profit, it should come at no surprise that these people whose income is affiliated with the number of poor people they help, maintains a very positive attitude towards assisting the poor.

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