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Different Perspectives

Developed Country's View


Most leaders in developed countries are working hard to eradicate poverty for a number of reasons.

Generally, developed countries offer aid to developing countries under the pressure of the United Nations and other foreign countries. In order to appear good and not be criticized, many world leaders donate and support developing countries.

Another reason that appeals to donation is the development of mutual benefitting relationship. Take, for instance, the intricate relationship between China's financial support to Pakistan. In attempt to secure Pakistan as an ally, China invests a lot of capital to Pakistan in the name of ending poverty. However, most of these money went to Pakistan's development of nuclear weapons and military.

However, most citizens in developing countries hold a grudge about giving financial aid to the LEDC. Foremost, they believe the money collected by their government as tax has been squandered in a country not relevant to their own. As taxation increase, their discontent goes further. Some doubt the effectiveness of such aid. While providing such aid may be deemed necessary by the government, some critics question whether this will build a dependency on theses aid. The same goes for debt reliefs - if countries get some of their old debt cancelled, who can guarantee that they will borrow money responsibly in the future?

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