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Different Perspectives

Developing Country's View


It would only be natural to assume that developing countries hold a very welcoming attitude towards help and support. However, this is not always the case.

In terms of the government officials, they care more about their own profit than the country's overall wellbeing. People who are able and willing to support the government are usually wealthy and influential. If the government impose any radical policy to ensure an equal share of wealth, the government would likely lose support. This is particularly true for non democratic countries. Leaders need to protect the wealth of the rich in order to keep people satisfied and avoid opposition.

Another reason why government might not favor aid for poor remains with the pressure that accompany these aid. More often than not, aid comes with conditions. The MEDC are smart enough to not give away free money. Typically, aid is given through world bank, an organization that give out loans but requires a certain interest rate. After that, the MEDC has a powerful persuasion tool at hand. Whenever they LEDC, for example, joins a conference, they are inclined to take the side that the MEDC takes.

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